UniStream USD Monero XMR

Minimal amount 400 USD
Max.amount 5000 USD
Reserve 1 379.18 XMR
Rate 112.705254 : 1
Min fee 30 USD

Please note that we don't accept transfers from countries Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Ukraine.



Payment ID is a digital identifier necessary to obtain a Monero, for example an exchange. Make sure to check if you need the Payment ID to replenish your Monero wallet, enter it in the corresponding field if necessary.

We don't accept the transfers sent online. Please, be ready to provide photo of the receipt.

Receiving of transfers are made in the working hours of the banks 07:00-17:00 by Moscow time (+3 GMT). The order processing time is up to 24 hours

The details of the recipient provided after making an order will be valid for 72 hours. After this time the opportunity to receive your transfer by our recipient can not be guaranteed.

Monero has high volatility of the exchange rate, therefore the amount received by you will be recalculated at the time of payment at the current rate after pickup of the transfer.