Minimal amount 100 USD
Maximum amount 5 000 USD
Reserve 23 000 USD
Cross-rate 1.1111 : 1

Manual Mode


Russian PayPal accounts unable to receive or send any funds. We dont work with it!

PayPal payment will be sent as Good&Service, therefore PayPal will charge a system fee on the amount received. Charges may vary according to your region.

The order is processed within 5 - 20 minutes after receiving of the funds, namely after 500 confirmation/s of the transaction Tether POLYGON USDT

Due to the high volatility of the exchange rate Tether POLYGON USDT the amount for the request will be recalculated at the time of actual receipt of payment for the request (500 confirmation/s of the transaction Tether POLYGON USDT). Total amount may be either higher or lower than the initial amount in proportion to the change in the exchange rate Tether POLYGON USDT

Attention! An AML check will be performed on your transaction. In the event that the cryptocurrency sent by you has a High Risk or is associated with illegitimate sources, an identity check will be carried out, and an additional fee will be applied, which is described in the User Agreement

The rates of the WhiteBIT crypto exchange are used to calculate the order

You'll be registered automatically after creating the order. Afterwards You'll be able to authorize and view Your orders history and messages in internal chat of the order