Bitcoin BTC UniStream RUB

Minimal amount 60 000 RUB
Maximum amount 900 000 RUB
Reserve 3 000 000 RUB
Min fee 1 900 RUB
Cross-rate 1 : 2415480

If your country is not on the list, that means we dont operate with this region on money transfers. Please contact our 24/7 support, and we will see if we can add your country

Manual Mode


The order is usually completed within 1 - 24 hours after the funds are credited to our account

Money transfer systems have restrictions on the amount of the accepted amount per one transfer, depending on the country of receipt. In advance, specify the amount limit for receiving money transfers in your country.

Be sure that the receiver's data is in exact accordance with his passport data.

Sending of transfers are made in the working hours of the banks 07:00-17:00 by Moscow time (+3 GMT).

Due to the high volatility of the exchange rate Bitcoin BTC the amount for the request will be recalculated at the time of actual receipt of payment for the request (2 confirmation/s of the transaction Bitcoin BTC). Total amount may be either higher or lower than the initial amount in proportion to the change in the exchange rate Bitcoin BTC

You'll be registered automatically after creating the order. Afterwards You'll be able to authorize and view Your orders history and messages in internal chat of the order.